How to stand out as an Extra on Set

As an extra, your number one goal should be making a good impression on the people who matter; you want to be likeable, friendly, and above all, professional. Congratulations! You’re an extra. You’ll spend a long day waiting around in an extras holding room, and at...

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The Secret To a Good Headshot

Directors want to see you—imperfections and all.Headshots can be a daunting thing to tackle. You have a price, style, location, and dress to consider. Here are some things that we thought you might want to think about before you dive in.Expensive isn't always better,...

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Things To Consider When Creating A Demo Reel

Let’s face it; every actor needs a reel of their best work to send to casting directors, agents, and producers. When directors cast film talent they want to see a clean short reel that spotlights what an actor can do. What a lot of actors do not understand is how to...

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Actors You Didn’t Know Were Mormon

With the Mormon church seeming to be more and more in the media and political spotlight, we thought it would be interesting to look at some actors who at any time called themselves "Mormon". Below is a list of actors who you didn't know were Mormon. 1. Julianne Hough...

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You Need To Bring This To A Film Set

After you’ve been booked, you might be unsure what to bring to set on shooting day. Take a lesson from the boy scouts and be prepared—if you’re unsure about something, bring it anyway! You never know what might come in handy. Here are some things to have in your bag...

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